Original, Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich sandwiches roll out nationwide

Chicken QSR chain Jollibee launched the Jollibee Chickenwich, a new chicken sandwich, nationwide. To promote the product, West Covina, Calif.-based North American arm of Philippines-based Jollibee launched social media spots that feature a made-up lawyer, Chris P. Poultry, advocating for “deliciously crispy and juicy chicken sandwich justice.” It also launched a free sandwich promotion.

Free Jollibee Chickenwich promotion

“With the launch of the Jollibee Chickenwich, we want everyone to experience just how delicious we feel a chicken sandwich is meant to be,” said Luis Velasco, SVP and marketing head, Honeybee Foods Corporation dba Jollibee. “Our newest campaign featuring Chris P. Poultry takes a fun and cheeky approach to emphasize (that) chicken sandwiches should inspire joy. At Jollibee, we strive to make them always crispy, juicy and joyfully delicious. We’re so confident people will love it, that we have authorized Chris P. Poultry to dispense justice in the form of a free Jollibee Chickenwich at launch so that eligible customers can discover, at no cost to them, the joy of a great chicken sandwich.”


Customers can take advantage of a free, Jollibee Chickenwich, while supplies last, at ChickenSandwichLawyer.com

A new entry in the chicken sandwich wars

The new chicken sandwich features a slow-marinated, handbreaded chicken breast fillet, spread with umami mayo and served on a toasted brioche bun. Customers will find a hotter experience in the Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich, featuring a sriracha mayo and served with jalapeños. Both the original and spicy sandwiches are priced at $3.99, while the deluxe iterations, which come with lettuce and tomatoes, go for $4.49 each, with prices possibly varying by location.

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“In order to craft the best Jollibee Chickenwich we could, we began with a slow roll out in stores across the U.S. and listened closely to customer feedback,” said Maribeth Dela Cruz, business group head, Honeybee Foods Corporation dba Jollibee. “Over the course of several months, we garnered customer testimonials that supported what we already believed to be true—that our Jollibee Chickenwich strikes that perfect balance of crispiness and juiciness, features that should be the foundation of any great chicken sandwich. We are now ready for consumers to get a taste of justice, Jollibee-style.”

Jollibee also launched the Chickenwich in its Canadian markets.


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