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Jack in the Box rolls out BBQ Cluck Sandwich, expanding Cluck lineup

Addition follows the ‘purchase’ of Chicken, Alaska

Jack in the Box added BBQ Cluck and BBQ Deluxe Cluck sandwiches to the menu, following the release of an upgraded original Cluck Chicken Sandwich. The San Diego, Calif.-based QSR chain has been promoting the Cluck lineup with a marketing campaign aimed at making light of the Chicken Wars. In a previous announcement, Jack in the Box revealed it had “purchased” Chicken (in Alaska), putting an end to the Chicken Wars.

The Cluck Sandwiches start with a 100% all white chicken meat filet that Jack in the Box says is bigger, crispier, and better than ever. Customers can purchase the improved sandwiches a la carte or as a combo, which comes with a side of fries and beverage of choice.


The BBQ Cluck Sandwich’s filet is topped with crinkle-cut pickles and BBQ sauce on a brioche bun. The Deluxe version includes crispy bacon, panko onion rings, American cheese, and BBQ sauce. A Mystery Sauce is spread on both the original Cluck Sandwich and Deluxe Original.

“Staying true to our unique and fun approach to menu innovation, we’re excited to be offering a BBQ twist on the classic chicken sandwich,” said Ryan Ostrom, chief marketing officer of Jack in the Box. “The BBQ flavor profile is a route that very few other brands have taken in their chicken sandwich efforts and we’re confident this will be a welcomed and exciting update for chicken sandwich fans.”

Despite Jack in the Box’s claim of “owning Chicken,” QSR burger and chicken chains continue to up the ante on their chicken sandwich offerings. Jollibee also announced a new chicken sandwich this week—Jollibee Chickenwich, which comes in original and spicy versions.


Ostrom added, ‘Between the launch of our upgraded Cluck Chicken Sandwiches and our newfound partnership with Chicken, Alaska, we can confidently say that Jack in the Box now owns chicken.”

Although Jack in the Box did not actually purchase Chicken, “the French Riviera of Alaska,” they did donate $10,000 to support the town amid the pandemic. The promotional video can be seen below or at

Related video: “Jack Owns Chicken”

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