C3 partners with Coco for robot delivery that increases efficiency, sustainability

Coco should reduce delivery costs, wait times, carbon emissions

Digital-restaurant ecosystem C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) by sbe has partnered with Coco, a robot delivery service that it says will improve speed and offer a more sustainable experience. Cocos have been deployed on Broadway and Main Street in Santa Monica, The Grove in West Hollywood and Los Feliz to service C3 kitchens within a two-mile radius.

With Coco, C3 can streamline kitchen operations with fewer delivery/courier personnel there. A Coco is ready and available as soon as food is ready, and can take the food from the merchant at that time, resulting in lowering pickup times by 30% (about 10 minutes). It will also reduce the cost, providing more affordable delivery. C3’s GO by Citizens app does not charge hidden delivery fees and can bundle multiple, mix-and-match orders from C3 virtual brands on one single ticket.


Coco can also provide faster delivery times and consistency, notes C3. The robots are not impacted by traffic patterns and peaks, so they are able to deliver 30% faster than driver-based services with 97% accuracy. C3 delivery via Coco also enables higher-quality food, as food will arrive fresher, according its announcement, and food is delivered sans courier handling, increasing sanitation and reducing the risk of contamination.

The experience with Coco will also enhance customer service and create a more sustainable C3 platform for the future, reducing carbon emissions from courier drivers.

“C3 is taking a digital-first approach to expand into new markets faster than any of our delivery-focused competitors,” said Sam Nazarian, founder and chief executive of C3. “As an industry leader with a rapidly growing food empire, we are responsible for making sure our growth is sustainable for the environment and the consumer. We are proud to support a fellow disrupter that has created a tech-advanced delivery solution and we hope other restaurateurs follow our lead.”

The partnership with Coco comes on the heels of C3 opening its Citizens New York food hall at Brookfield Properties’ Manhattan West.

“We’re thankful C3 is as invested in sustainable delivery solutions as we are. We believe there is no reason to have a three-thousand-pound car deliver burgers over short distances,” said Zach Rash, co-founder and CEO of Coco. “With the support of C3 and their continual expansion, we have an enormous opportunity to create a better experience for hundreds of thousands of merchants and their customers.”


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