C3 invests in Nommi robotic kitchens, pilots program with Sa’Moto brand

Initial Nommi fund raise expected to total up to $20M

Nommi, a startup providing automation to the process of preparing customizable, bowl-based meals, and C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) by sbe, have teamed up to launch the robotic kitchens at scale, while C3 invests in Nommi’s seed capital fund raise of up to $20M. Digital restaurant ecosystem C3 will invest as part of a 50/50 deal to add robotic Nommi kitchens to the C3 community, including a pilot program through its Sa’Moto restaurant brand.

Nommi is creating a standalone robotic kitchen able to produce and dispense dishes made of any grain, noodle or lettuce through a fully-integrated cooking system. Nommi is backed by Wavermaker Labs, a robotic incubator.

The opportunity in Nommi is exponential, suggests C3, as the demand for “high-quality, low-touch and speedy food options” ‘has grown considerably in the past year and a half. Restaurants, in general, however, are not prepared for the shift in meal preparation to automated methodologies, and are hampered by labor shortages.

As a single- and multi-brand, high-grade, robotic kitchen, Nommi is a desirable solution for a multi-brand operator like C3. Plus, it can cook a meal in as little as three minutes from start to completion. The battery powered and self-charging machine provides customers with a way to personalize their meals by selecting the bases and toppings they want.

C3 has served more than 2.3M meals from 40 brands in the trailing 12 months. It operates virtual and brick-and-mortar restaurants, power by a proprietary app, and also food halls, including Citizens New York at Manhattan West. Its partnership with, and investment in, Nommi is launching with a projected total unit order count of 1,000 for C3’s brands

First, Nommi and C3 will team up for the initial pilot program through Sa’Moto by “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto. The Sa’Moto-branded Nommi robotic kitchen is the same quality Sa’Moto provides in its menu items, but will also be available 24/7.

“The sky is the limit through our partnership with Nommi to further expand C3’s food tech offerings,” said Sam Nazarian, C3 founder and chief executive. “With Nommi, we are working to reimagine the restaurant experience by partnering AI with proven recipes and menu’s helmed by C3’s world renowned chefs. By doing so, we are taking traditional concepts and making them new for an ever-changing restaurant industry. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the digital kitchen revolution and with the support of the team at Nommi.”


Wavemaker Partners, which is backing Nommi, is a global venture capital fund with more than $600M assets under management. Its Wavemaker Labs studio is exclusively focused on automation and has incubated and launched several brands in the space, including Miso Robotics, Piestro, Bobacino, Future Acres, and Graze.

“Nommi’s secret sauce is undoubtedly its unmatched versatility, both from a brand and consumer perspective,” said Buck Jordan, president and co-founder of Nommi. “Partnering with an innovative platform like C3 adds another layer of access to numerous revenue streams and unique customers. Both companies are disrupting the food industry and our partnership could not come at a better time.”

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