Jollibee debuts New Spicy Chickenjoy

New recipe of hot version of signature fried chicken rolled out to Jollibee’s US locations

Jollibee rolled out a New Spicy Chickenjoy, a refreshed version of it hot signature fried chicken. The West Covina, Calif.-based division of Philippine-based Jollibee will make the new menu item available at all US locations.

The first bite packs an initial punch, says Jollibee, and then provides a slow burn as customers finish each chicken piece. A two-piece meal of the new-recipe chicken will start at $5.49 in US stores. What’s more, the quick-service chain will offer the New Spicy Chickenjoy in a variety of options. Customers will choose from 2-piece and 3-piece meals, six-piece and 10-piece buckets, and family meals.


“Our world-famous Chickenjoy has been a favorite for many, and we are delighted to add the New Spicy Chickenjoy to the lineup for customers that crave a flavorful heat with the crispy juicy Chickenjoy they love,” said Maribeth Dela Cruz, Business Group Head, Honeybee Foods Corporation dba Jollibee.

Jollibee offers a menu of handbreaded chicken with a crispy exterior and a juicy, marinated interior. The chicken is typically paired with a side of savory gravy. In fact, Jollibee touts the crispiness and crunchiness of its Chickenjoy fried chicken’s exterior, and juiciness on the inside. The restaurant chain notes that this results from a pressure-fried cooking process.

Also, Jolly Spaghetti is another menu fan favorite. The popular side comes with sweet-style sauce, loaded with chunky slices of savory ham and hotdog, topped with cheese.

Elaborating, Joy Cruz, head of Jollibee North America Research and Development, said, “We have perfected our Spicy Chickenjoy recipe to include a delicious blend of chilis and seasonings in the marinade and coating that deliver maximum flavor in each bite. The spiciness hits you immediately from the breading, and transitions into a lingering heat that leaves you craving your next bite.”


Cruz suggests Jollibee’s New Spicy Chickenjoy is a game-changer.

The company operates 5.800 Jollibee restaurants globally, continuing to expand in North America as a top targeted market.

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