REEF acquires 2ndKitchen, expanding its brands into hospitality, venue spaces

REEF acquisition of 2ndKitchen will expand client brands to additional geographies, verticals

Ghost-kitchen behemoth Reef Technology acquired 2ndKitchen, a virtual foodservice provider to hotels and offices. 2ndKitchen also services a variety of hospitality companies, buildings and venues. In turnkey fashion, it takes care of initial payment, deploying ordering, payment, fulfillment, and customer support services.

Integration of 2ndKitchen into REEF

REEF will integrate 2ndKitchen into its hospitality division. Consequently, the REEF acquisition of 2nd Kitchen will turn on foodservice for practically any business, according to an announcement.

In addition, REEF views the transaction as boosting its competitiveness in the virtual-restaurant segment. It will connect its brands to additional types of business, including hotels.

“REEF operates the world’s best and most relevant restaurant brands. It is only natural for us to bring these brands to the world’s best hotels and hospitality venues,” said Tommy Rosen, head of Development at REEF. “Our acquisition of 2ndKitchen allows us to seamlessly connect hospitality venues around the world with REEF’s brands and excellent operations. This will set a new service standard and revolutionize the guest experience in the hospitality market.”

2ndKitchen’s value proposition

Chicago-based 2ndKitchen operates in major US markets, such as Chicago, New York City, Miami, Denver, Dallas, and New Orleans. Even before the REEF acquisition of 2ndKitchen, it tallies100,000 rooms & common-area activations. For instance, 2nd Kitchen services local businesses such as Hotel 50 Bowery in New York City and Hopewell Brewing in Chicago. Furthermore, Hilton and Marriott use 2ndKitchen, as well.

“At its heart, 2ndKitchen is a data company. Our top priority has always been connecting local businesses and empowering them with everything they need to operate efficiently and seamlessly add value to their guests,” said Nick Anastasiades, chief executive and co-founder of 2ndKitchen.


He added, “As we look to further this mission, REEF, the neighborhood company, is the perfect partner to help us rise to the next level. Our business’ (sic) foundation is its highly differentiated technology that allows businesses to tailor their food experience to their exact needs, and I believe there is still tremendous, untapped market opportunity.”

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