Lyons Magnus 2022 food, flavor trend predictions released

Lyons Magnus, a global producer of ingredients for the foodservice industry, released its list of 2022 food and flavor trends. The growing plant trend; immunity food and beverages; comforting, familiar foods; cold coffee popularity; and spicy flavors are trends that will continue be hot as the new year starts, it predicts.

Growing plant trend

Flexitarianism is on the rise with many people reducing meat consumption. Consequently, retailers and restaurants will carry more plant-based products and menu items, respectively.


The ongoing creation of new meat alternatives will support this penchant for plant-forward diets. QSRs, therefore, will continue to launch items like plant-based chicken nuggets on menus. Also, Lyons Magnus expects potato milk to be the new “it’ plant milk.”

Immunity food and beverages

Immunity food and beverages have carried over to the 2022 Lyons Magnus food and flavor trends list. Consumers are seeking out improved health, tapping functional ingredients to ward off disease. This is a hot trend, suggests Lyons Magnus. Specifically, “ingredients and flavors that consumers recognize as immunity boosters, such as citrus and other fruits rich in vitamin C, berries high in antioxidants, live yogurts, dark chocolate, ginger, turmeric and green tea/matcha” are prime examples.

Food and beverage products that have immunity-boosting properties remain uber-popular.These will be sought after by consumers wanting a dietary silver bullet, says the company. Immunity-boosting snacks, for example were held up as a top trend recently. Immunity-boosting snacks was a category that ranked fifth on the top overall trends in the 2022 What’s Hot Forecast.

Foods that offer comfort and are familiarity

Lyons Magnus predicts that restaurant menus and promotions in 2022 will feature many familiar flavors, spanning across menu categories. The desire nostalgic, childhood experiences, foods, and flavors will percolate. Restaurant operators will be able to cross-utilize ingredients and flavor profiles in different ways.. This trend will offer an economic advantage to operators facing reduced menus, labor shortages and daily supply chain obstacles.


Cold coffee’s popularity

Lyons Magnus also reports iced coffee, cold brew and nitro coffee sales are soaring. Some operators have revealed that cold coffee drink sales now account for 75% of their total coffee drink sales. This increase in cold coffee beverage purchases has been driven by younger consumers. Furthermore, consumers desire new flavor experiences when drinking coffee. Fortunately for foodservice operators, they find it inconvenient to create these at home.

Spicy flavors

And consumers are craving spicy flavors. For instance, ghost pepper french fries and Carolina Reaper chicken wings have made their mark this year. For spicy foods, 2022 will be another banner year. Lyons Magnus notes that consumers are getting more education about spice. Also, they are able to discern between the various peppers available in the marketplace.

“Watch for a rise in authentic flavors and more options to tailor your spice level by selecting a pepper varietal.”


The Lyons Magnus food and flavor trends list cuts across a few emerging menu, retailer, manufacturing and consumer developments. These trends represent substantial revenue opportunities for foodservice operators that can incorporate them into their menu planning and development cycles.

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