Southpaw acquires 35 Taco Bell restaurants, expanding presence in Mid-Atlantic

The Southpaw acquisition of 35 Taco Bell restaurants plants long-term seed in high-growth region

Quick-service restaurant operator and private equity fund Souththpaw acquired 35 Taco Bell Restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic. This expansion in the Maryland-Virginia-DC region provides Southpaw an increased presence in this high-growth market.

“Taco Bell is a world-class brand with a fiercely loyal customer base, and we are delighted to enter the dynamic, affluent Mid-Atlantic region,” said Judd Wishnow, co-founder of Southpaw. “This is a high-quality portfolio of Taco Bells, which have performed well and are led by a highly capable and experienced management team. Importantly, we are eager to continue to grow our footprint in the region.”

Plus, Southpaw has a robust understanding of owning and operating franchised restaurants in the popular quick-service restaurant (QSR) segment. Moreover, the company has grown its portfolio of QSRs to 135 Taco Bell and Dunkin’ stores since its founding in 2009.

The Southpaw acquisition of Taco Bell restaurants will solidify the company’s presence in the Mid-Atlantic. It paves the way for new restaurants openings, too, as early as 2022. The Greenwich, Conn.-based operator now has 70 high-volume Taco Bells, with this latest purchase.

Wishnow added, “At Southpaw, we take an employee-first approach. We have learned that by taking care of our people and building a sense of community, our people will then take care of us and our customers. It’s a virtuous cycle which has served us extremely well since our founding.”


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