Sushi Maki debuts new restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

Las Olas Sushi Maki features new menu items, including Las Olas roll, Tuna Poke Nachos

Sushi Maki unveiled a 2,500 square-foot restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on East Las Olas Boulevard. The fast-casual restaurant will add to the more than 20 units in the portfolio. The newly-opened Fort Lauderdale store represents the first standalone location for a brand that has relied on non-traditional locations, such as college campus and airport stores.

Expanding beyond non-traditional

A recent opening and “roll-cutting” event produced local personalities, including leaders from local government, business and the community. Sushi Maki CEO Abe Ng was on-hand to introduce new menu items at the Las Olas Sushi Maki location. These included the Las Olas roll and Tuna Poke Nachos, which are expected to be standouts.

Chef William Koh spoke at the event. The Sushi Maki veteran has worked at the South Florida sushi chain for half a decade. Koh commented, “Having worked as a chef at top restaurants from Shanghai to South Florida, I decided to join Sushi Maki because it’s a family environment where we can be creative and serve delicious, healthful food that our customers enjoy.”

A store format with flexibility

The fast-casual restaurant will hire a total of 25 team members in all. The restaurant at 200 East Las Olas Boulevard takes on a polished-fast-casual vibe. In addition to having food service on glassware and plateware, guests can opt to order from staff or use QR codes.

What’s more, quick pickup at the Las Olas Sushi Maki will allow customers ordering “grab and go” to use designated parking spots. Plus, the restaurant chain will offer both indoor and outdoor seating.

“We have always kept a close pulse on our customers’ preferences, and we decided to introduce the first ‘Polished Fast-Casual Sushi Bar’ as part of our brand promise of providing premium, healthful and delicious sushi for the everyday—when, where, and how our customers want it,” said Ng.


Sushi Maki, 200 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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