Ottonomy Ottobots debut robot delivery at CVG Airport in Cincinnati

Movement of robots made possible via digital mapping, contextual mobility navigation

Diners will meet Ottobots thanks to Ottonomy and advancements in robotics. New robot friends of the foodservice and retail industries arrived in North America as part to two new deals. Ottonomy signed pacts with CVG Airport and Presto.

Ottobot’s presence at CVG Airport in Cincinnati marks a milestone. Ottonomy’s Ottobot will also fulfill last-mile delivery for Los Angeles-based Crave.


The partnership between Presto and Ottonomy calls for Presto’s partner guests to be able to order and have their food delivered autonomously. Ottonomy Ottobots will deliver to Presto’s guests, as the automation gets reviewed separately. The company announced one of the world’s largest retailer is reviewing multiple use cases.

“We are excited to unveil Ottobots at our first CES,” says Ritukar Vijay, Ottonomy’s chief executive. “The pandemic has provided Ottobots a catalyst enabling a series of partnerships that allowed us to launch fully autonomous delivery for indoor deliveries, curbside deliveries and last-mile deliveries.”

The technology of Ottonomy Ottobots relies on digital mapping and contextual mobility navigation. Using a digital map that localizes navigation, the Ottobots can deliver orders. Even crowded and unpredictable environments are navigated fluidly.


According to the announcement, “Ottonomy provides a highly scalable and flexible solution, utilizing a comprehensive suite of tools for managing a fleet of robots deployed across different geographies.”

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