Little Caesars offers The Batman Calzony for limited time

Promotion begins in advance of March theater-release of movie

Little Caesars debuted The Batman Calzony, today, in advance of the US March 4, 2022 release of the movie in theaters. The Detroit-based pizza chain will offer the pizza for $7.99.

Fans of the comic book character will be able to connect with the story through Little Caesar’s The Batman Calzony. The limited-time bat-shaped menu item features a butter-forward medley of flavors on a calzone crust. It’s filled with garlic white sauce, cheese, and topped with julienned pepperoni, then combined with a pepperoni pizza and served with a side of Crazy Sauce.

“Anyone can now bring superhero vibes to pizza night by trying the new The Batman Calzony, “said Jeff Klein, chief marketing officer at Little Caesars, “It’s the most delicious part of our partnership with the upcoming film The Batman.”

The debut of Little Caesars’ new Calzony follows the Crazy Calzony, originally introduced in August as a limited-time offering.

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Significantly, prices may vary in certain markets. And they most certainly will be higher in Arkansas, Hawaii and California, as well as on third-party marketplaces.

What’s more, the franchise will make grab-and-go The Batman Calzonys available between 4PM and 8PM local time.


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