Arby’s to enter Saudi Arabia with master franchisee Shahia Foods

Arby’s Saudi Arabia deal will produce its first stores in kingdom late this year

Arby’s will open several new restaurants with Shahia Foods across Saudi Arabia, made possible by a new development agreement. Shahia Foods runs more than 500 Dunkin’ stores in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Germany. Consequently, Arby’s and Dunkin’, which share the same parent, Inspire Brands, now share the same master developer in Saudi Arabia.

Shahia has an ongoing Dunkin’ development pipeline in several countries. Now, it will help Arby’s penetrate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. New Arby’s restaurants will debut in the country in late 2022 as a result of the just-announced Arby’s Saudi Arabia deal.

In the past few years, Arby’s has upgraded its high-quality meat stack and served more customers in made-to-order fashion. The result has been a concept that is now more similar to fast casual, suggest an Arby’s statement. The upgrading or introduction of warm, melted cheeses, vegetables, sauces and other toppings provides for a better sandwich experience.

Its roast beef sliced to order and beef brisket, smoked for many hours, remain popular items.

“We are thrilled to expand our strong relationship with Shahia Foods to bring Arby’s premium meat stacks to guests across Saudi Arabia,” said Michael Haley, president and managing director of International for Inspire Brands. “As a fast-growing region with the potential for hundreds of Arby’s locations, the Middle East is an important cornerstone in the next chapter of the brand’s global expansion. We are confident in Arby’s runway for continued growth across the region and beyond.”


Arby’s operates more than 3,500 locations globally, including more than 150 restaurants across Canada, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, and Egypt.

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