Lunchbox creates, then sells NFT virtual restaurant to better-burger chain

Fast casuals, online ordering, begin to move into metaverse

Online ordering solutions-provider Lunchbox, created an NFT virtual restaurant and sold it to the Bareburger chain. This marks the first sale of an NFT restaurant by Lunchbox.

The sale took place on digital marketplace OpenSea. All proceeds from the sale will go to and benefit a charity that assists “marginalized entrepreneurs in the culinary industry with business development resources and support,” according to a statement.

“Today’s announcement marks an important step in our metaverse strategy. With this launch, we’ll be able to continue pushing the conversation forward when it comes to how third party companies and first-party companies interact,” said Lunchbox’s Nabeel Alamgir, chief executive and co-founder. “Lunchbox has always been for the betterment of restaurants—which is why we don’t see this project as a revenue generator; instead, we wanted to make sure it benefited the broader restaurant community. We’re excited to bring our first concept into the metaverse, where restaurant operators can come together and evolve the future of ordering and experiencing food.”

Aside from launching the Lunchbox NFT restaurant, the software provider has powered online ordering for restaurant and tech companies nationwide, including C3 by sbe. Lunchbox provides an operating system for managing a restaurant’s entire digital funnel. It also has implemented fully-stacked tools and integrations for online order management systems and related apps and loyalty.

Thirty-five-unit Bareburger retrofitted the Lunchbox NFT restaurant with their own branding. Digital kiosks have been implemented so that food orders will be delivered directly to guests, Lunchbox indicated.

Video: Lunchbox’s NFT virtual restaurant. Video by Lunchbox.

“We’ve never shied away from technology but the metaverse allows us to reach our guests in a way no other technology has in the past,” said Euripides Pelekanos, chief executive of Bareburger. “Lunchbox’s virtual restaurant allows us to showcase our offerings in the ever-evolving digital neighborhoods and communities of the metaverse which we’re excited to be a part of. We’re working on completely retrofitting the virtual restaurant into something that is both familiar and quite literally out of this world.”

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