Marissa Andrada joins Krispy Kreme Board of Directors

Board appoints Andrada to Remuneration and Nominating Committee

Marissa Andrada joined the Krispy Kreme Board of Directors. The Board also appointed her to the Remuneration and Nominating Committee. Across her career, Andrada established herself as a savvy organizational development executive.

In her current role at Chipotle, Andrada holds the position of chief diversity, inclusion and people officer. Her robust understanding of business draws from a wide range of roles. Andrada has worked at Universal Studios, Red Bull, GameStop, Starbucks, and Kate Spade & Company.

In addition to these past and present roles, she serves as an inaugural member of CNBC’s Workforce Executive Council. Plus, she holds the role of founding executive council member at the Society for Human Resource Management.

“We are extremely pleased to have Marissa Andrada join our board,” said Olivier Goudet, chairman of the Board of Directors of Krispy Kreme. “Marissa brings a wealth of human resources and organizational development knowledge, and her passion for people and culture, coupled with her seasoned business experience will complement and enhance our board.”

Moreover, as Andrada becomes a Krispy Kreme Board of Directors member, Carl Lee, a longtime member, will depart. Consequently, he will not stand for reelection at the Krispy Kreme Annual Stockholders Meeting, the company announced.


“We want to thank Carl for his unwavering support through eight years of dedicated service to the board,” added Goudet. “Carl is an extremely well-regarded professional in the food industry and a highly-respected partner who has played a key role in transforming the Krispy Kreme brand.”

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