Wow Bao expands ghost kitchen programs in Canada

Partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands will grow cloud, dark kitchen points of sale

Wow Bao will accelerate its ghost kitchen program in Canada through an expanded agreement with Ghost Kitchen Brands. The partnership deployed eight Ghost Kitchen Brands locations, today, February 11. Additional points of sale will open in Alberta by the end of the first quarter.

The Asian dumpling and noodle-bowl chain will benefit from the newly-launched Ghost Kitchen Brand locations in Ontario. Wow Bao’s activated cloud kitchens opened in Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Etobicoke, Erin Mills, London, St. Catharine’s (Walmart), Keele/Downsview (Walmart), and Woodstock (Walmart). These will serve customers via walk-in and third-party delivery service. Delivery partners include SKIP, UberEats and DoorDash.

Dark kitchens will also come online. Notably, a total of 1,000 restaurants will benefit through the vendee program to service Wow Bao customers in Canada and Mexico, noted Geoff Alexander, president and chief executive of Wow Bao.

“We are thrilled to bring the culinary quality, taste and popularity of Wow Bao to the Canadian market,” said George Kottas, founder and chief executive of GKB. “This perfectly complements our growing food portfolio and proves the continued power and strength of Ghost Kitchen Brands. Wow Bao is a great product line for us to bring to more markets and more discerning consumers.”

The expansion will continue throughout Canada this year. In addition, the to-go menus will also benefit from a refresh or extension as part of this market penetration.


“Thanks to partners like Ghost Kitchen Brands and the emergence of the res-tech-rant diner, Wow Bao has become the leader in the virtual dining space—providing the convenience of getting what one wants, when one wants it,” Alexander added.

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