Grab Go Eat locations open in Garden City, N.Y. and Torrance, California, powered by Apex Order Pickup Solutions

Kitchen United Mix’s to-go, ondemand ordering platform will gain two new sites where customers can retrieve their orders

New Grab Go Eat locations opened in Garden City, N.Y. and Torrance Calif., courtesy of Apex Order Pickup Solutions technology. Apex Order is a purveyor of contactless, smart, order-pickup solutions, while ghost-kitchen provider Kitchen United powers Grab Go Eat. Their partnership will expand as these two additional pickup locations open.

ApexIQ runs the software, providing robust operator control and real-time analytics. According to Apex Order, it also “helps operators increase throughput and transactions, reduce lines/wait times, while also providing real-time data and insights to enhance the overall dining experience.”

Through the Kitchen United Mix, customers order food via its app, website or kiosks and select the time they want to pick up their food from a convenient locker location that is most convenient for them. Then, when the order is ready, Kitchen United employees scan a code to fulfill the order by placing it in the locker. At that moment, customers receive a unique pickup QR code for pickup. They scan at the locker, take their order and head to their destination.

“We are thrilled to grow our partnership with Kitchen United as the ghost kitchen concept continues to thrive,” said Apex Order Pickup Solutions CEO Mike Wills. “The innovative technology that is the heart of our Apex smart food lockers allows Kitchen United to track their orders from creation to pick up, increase efficiency based on real-time data insights and ensure busy customers can pick up their food orders quickly and safely.”

Joy Lai, Kitchen United chief operating officer, noted that Kitchen United has been using Apex smart food lockers since the start of 2021 and executives were impressed with their simplicity.


She added, “Placing Apex smart lockers in high-traffic or centrally located sites allows us to bring even more convenience to our customers by offering them not only the ability to order from multiple restaurants via a single platform, but also the option of picking up their food in a simple and quick manner.”

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