Savannah Seafood Shack debuts franchising program to grow across United States

Georgia-based chain partners with franchise-development firm Fransmart

Savannah Seafood Shack partnered with Fransmart to launch its franchising program across the United States. The rising seafood-forward concept has been featured on the Cooking Channel, Food Network and Travel Channel.

The popularity of Savannah Seafood Shack has propelled it into a nationwide expansion. On many a day, the fast casual has lines out the door, it noted. Tsoi Cutlip, a first-generation Chinese-American, and founder and chief executive of the concept, was raised in Savannah. The genesis of Savannah Seafood Shack taps memories of, and draws inspiration from, the fresh seafood markets her family owned while she was growing up.

“From the beginning, we have taken pride in using the best ingredients in each dish thanks to my family’s knowledge and appreciation for fresh seafood,” said Cutlip. “As we approach our sixth year in business, we are thrilled to officially take Savannah Seafood Shack to franchise. Thanks to the guidance and direction of Fransmart, we have worked insanely hard to make this dream a reality and I could not be prouder to embark on this new venture and take our dedicated fans and supporters along for the ride.”

With its Lowcountry boils, fried and steamed seafood, po’ boys, seafood cones, housemade crab cakes bites, and seasonal items, the Savannah, Ga.-based restaurant chain is gaining traction. Plus, having an operating income of $.55M, Savannah Seafood Shack’s franchise rollout is timely, according to an announcement.

Its staples of seafood cones, a homemade waffle cone stuffed with homemade slaw, and then topped with the customer’s choice of fried seafood, are drawing attention. Moreover, guests can select mess-free, peeled or deveined shrimp meals in a matter of minutes.

“Savannah Seafood Shack has the strongest unit economics I’ve seen in a fast casual restaurant in a decade,” said Dan Rowe, chief executive of Fransmart. “Customers vote with their wallets, and they love this place.”


The chain has created efficient operational and labor models, according to Fransmart. Its counter service style and communal model for its boils stand out as examples.

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