Denny’s Endless Breakfast for $6.99 rolls out nationwide

Promotion part of Open for Anything campaign

Denny’s rolled out Endless Breakfast for $6.99, available to dine-in customers. The recently-launched promotion includes endless buttermilk pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns.

In addition to the endless pancakes, customers will be able to upgrade the meal, adding additional crispy bacon or sausage for an extra $.99. The chain is promoting the offer as a “great-tasting value.”

John Dillon, chief brand officer at Denny’s, commented, “As Americans are being impacted by a unique mix of current events, and gas, rent and costs for supermarket staples, like eggs, milk and cheese continue to increase, Denny’s is proud to bring our guests Endless Breakfast at a time when we know each dollar matters. Quality food at great value has always been at the core of what we do and with our investments in high-quality menu items, dining at Denny’s has never been better.”

The Denny’s Endless Breakfast is part of the Open for Anything brand campaign. Launched in February with the Social Stars Influenced Menu, it aims to align with the roots of the family-dining chain’s 70-year history. Open for Anything represents that Denny’s is always open to guests from all different backgrounds “to be who they want, with the people they want, over the food they want, whenever they want.”

Dillon added, “We successfully tested Endless Breakfast extensively prior to the pandemic. As inflation is on everyone’s minds and continues to impact Americans everywhere, we knew this was the perfect time to launch this deal. Now, Denny’s is one of the only places you can fill up and leave knowing you got the most for your money.”

Pricing in certain markets may vary, disclosed Denny’s. Select locations will price breakfast at $8.99 and meat upgrades at $1.49.


Denny’s Endless Breakfast will be on the menu through June 21.

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