Checkers & Rally’s debut Bistro Buford Burger

New limited-time offer comes with a Dijon mayo sauce intended to upstage traditional mayo dressing

Checkers & Rally’s introduced the Bistro Buford burger at restaurants nationwide. The limited-time burger will be available through May 22.

The Bistro Buford includes two all-beef patties and two strips of bacon, paired with melted Swiss cheese, savory Dijon mayo sauce and crispy parmesan-dusted onions, served on a toasted bun. The Checkers & Rally’s Bistro Buford goes for $5.99.

Customers can purchase the Checkers & Rally’s Bistro Buford burger as a small, medium or large combo meal, including fries and a drink. The QSR burger chain’s fries were rated #1 Most Craveable Fries in America, notes the chain. This comes from Technomic Ignite Consumer Data (2020).

“Given how popular our Bufords are, we’ve decided to step up our burger game even further with yet another crave-able combination,” said Ryan Joy, senior director of development for Checkers Drive-In Restaurants. “With ingredients such as parmesan-dusted onions and Dijon mayo, the Bistro Buford delivers an elevated experience that’s full of flavor bang for your buck.”

Systemwide, Checkers & Rally’s operates and franchises 850 restaurants.


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This article was updated April 16, 2022. We changed the date of availability of the Buford Burger.

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