Farmers Market Salad with Salmon rolls out at Piada Italian Street Food

Fast casual also begins featuring calamari as add-on

Piada Italian Street Food introduced a Farmers Market Salad with Salmon. The menu addition features Chilean Salmon from the Patagonian region of Southern Chile. Furthermore, the Italian restaurant chain began offering calamari as an add-on option to Power Bowls and salads.

The region has experienced a dramatic decrease since 2015 in antibiotic usage, according to the fast-casual restaurant. This has led to increased salmon health, wellness and survival rates.

Additional aspects of the salmon sourcing include hygienically-processed fresh and frozen product, in addition to Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified. The chain also said the sourcing is done from the “very tip of South America with some of the purest fresh waters in the world.”

The Chilean salmon’s profile is rich in flavor, while deep-skinned, notes Piada. Additionally, it is firm and tender, containing a high oil content.

Piada’s salmon can be included in bowls orders, too. The Farmers Market Salad with Salmon will be available for a limited time.


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