Native Foods features Chickpea ‘Tuna Melt’ sandwich

Vegan sandwich creates a ‘tuna meat’ flavor profile

Vegan fast-casual Native Foods introduced Chickpea Tuna Melt with Nori to feature during the month of June. This is just one of many culinary creations on tap at the fast casual restaurant chain after hiring chef Chris Bertke.

The Native Foods Tuna Melt goes for $12.50. The fast casual will serve the sandwich with a choice of side, such as seasoned fries or a premium side. Native Foods’ plant-based mac and cheese, which was recently improved by its culinary team, is just such a premium side, priced at a $1.50 upcharge.

The limited-time sandwich will feature chickpea ‘tuna’ salad with nori, red onion, celery, and vegan mayo, topped with plant-based cheddar cheese, tomato, and lettuce all on toasted sourdough bread. Effectively, Native Foods creates a “tuna meat” by combining plant textures and flavors, and a “distinct ‘seafood’ flavor with the addition of nori,” announced the restaurant chain.

The Native Foods June special will be available through the entire month at all of its locations.

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