The Counter features donut burger, donut shake

Limited-time Glaze of Glory Burger, Donut Kill My Vibe Shake land on menu as summer approaches

The Counter launched new, limited-time summer specials, including a donut burger and donut shake. The Glaze of Glory Donut Burger is what one would imagine: a burger in between two glazed donuts. The Instagram-worthy Donut Kill My Vibe Shake comes with a glazed donut drizzled with chocolate on top.

These limited-time offerings take decadence to a new level. For example, the Glaze of Glory Donut Burger features all-natural angus beef, cheddar cheese, sweet and spicy bacon, caramelized onions, and a fried egg nestled in between two glazed donuts. The sandwich comes served with a side of sweet sriracha.

Similarly, the Donut Kill My Vibe Shake rises as an unequivocal example of excess. The featured item starts with a vanilla bean donut shake, which is then topped with a colorful sprinkle rim, garnished with a glazed donut, two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream with sprinkles, and a chocolate syrup drizzle.

“We are excited to feature the new Donut Burger and Shake during the month of June,” said Lindsay Seli, director of marketing at Kahala Brands, parent company of The Counter. “Our guests will enjoy a feast for their eyes and their appetites with this playful sweet and savory combination. This will definitely be a memorable meal that will keep our guests talking all summer long!”

These new items will remain on The Counter menu through June 30.


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