Veggie Grill launches Grilled BBQ Chick’n Sandwich, Chinese Chick’n Salad with TiNDLE

Two new menu items utilize TiNDLE’s grilled application of chick’n

In partnership with TiNDLE, Veggie Grill launched Grilled BBQ Chick’n Sandwich and Chinese Chick’n Salad at its locations nationwide. Thirty restaurants in five markets will serve the 100% plant-based “chick’n” menu items with this new rollout.

The Veggie Grill Grilled BBQ Chick’n Sandwich offers TiNDLE’s chargrilled chick’n, sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, topped with honey-mustard slaw, roasted corn, ranch dressing, all served on a brioche bun. The Chinese Chick’n Salad starts with TiNDLE’s chargrilled chick’n, topped with cabbage slaw, cilantro, romaine lettuce, candied almonds, and crispy wonton strips, then tossed in a sesame dressing.

“At Veggie Grill, we have always prided ourselves on delivering the very best the plant-based world has to offer and partnering with TiNDLE allows us to continue to do exactly that with their high-quality products,” says T.K. Pillan, chairman and founder at Veggie Grill. “And because TiNDLE is such a versatile product, it allows us to expand our offerings and give our guests a completely new grilled chicken menu experience that we know they will love.”

Founded in Irvine, Calif. in 2006, Veggie Grill has promoted a plant-based lifestyle, with the idea of impacting American Food Culture, the restaurant chain said. It also wants to combat climate change and what it views as an unsustainable food system.

TiNDLE recently launched in the United Kingdom and Germany after rolling out in North America in 2022. Starting out in Singapore-based locations, the plant-based protein producer now offers its products in more than 500 US restaurants. TiNDLE has expanded its presence in major markets, such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.


“Veggie Grill has long been a frontrunner in the path to creating a more sustainable food system, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to team up on this incredible milestone for TiNDLE,” said Andre Menezes, chief-executive and co-founder of TiNDLE. “Our growth is that much more meaningful in our ability to align with partners that share in our mission to make plant-based foods accessible, delicious and enjoyable.”

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