Culver’s features Espresso Toffee Bar, Peach Crisp Frozen Custard

New Flavors of the Day to be featured nationwide in July, August

Culver’s introduced Espresso Toffee Bar and Peach Crisp Frozen Custard Flavor of the Day options. The additions provide two contrasting flavors for guests to try during the summer. All 850 restaurants will begin offering the Flavors of the Day as part of a national rollout and incorporate them into their Flavor of the Day calendars.

Beginning July 10, Culver’s will offer Espresso Toffee Bar July 10. This flavor takes rich, espresso-flavored Fresh Frozen Custard swirled with dulce de leche sauce, crunchy bits of Heath Bar and butter cake pieces.

Starting August 10, Peach Crisp will be available. Culver’s restaurants prepare a Peach Fresh Frozen Custard by swirling custard with sweet peaches, dulce de leche sauce and crunchy granola crumble.

“Creating new Flavors of the Day is an opportunity not only to surprise and delight our guests, but also to explore new flavors and ingredients that complement our existing Fresh Frozen Custard lineup,” said Quinn Adkins, director of menu development at Culver’s. “We’ve been crafting these flavors to perfection for a long time, and we’re excited for them to become two of our guests’ favorites for years to come.”

Culver’s revealed that the first Frozen Custard Flavor of the Day was Caramel Pecan, created in 1984. The original Culver’s in Sauk City, Wisc prepared it.


Plus, each Culver’s restaurant has a unique Flavor of the Day Calendar.

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