Taco Bueno features Brisket Menu Lineup

Taco-shop QSR chain to feature brisket in tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and queso

Taco Bueno returned its Hickory slow-smoked brisket to stores as part of a Brisket Menu Lineup. The limited-time addition will be featured in the form of tacos, nachos, quesadilla, and queso. These items can be ordered a-la-carte or as a combo meal.

Brisket Tacos include Hickory slow-smoked brisket, pickled red onions, minced cilantro, all nestled in a warm flour tortilla.

The Taco Bueno Brisket Quesadilla comes loaded with Hickory slow-smoked brisket, layered with a blend of cheddar and pepper jack cheeses and pressed in a warm flour tortilla.

The QSR will also offer Brisket Nachos. Hickory slow-smoked brisket piled high on a generous portion of crunchy tortilla chips, with refried beans, queso, pickled red onions, Pico de Gallo, and sliced jalapenos create the Brisket Nachos plate.

The promotional menu also includes queso loaded with Brisket. The Brisket Queso goes beyond traditional queso with Hickory slow-smoked brisket, Pico de Gallo, sliced jalapenos, and minced cilantro. The dish comes with tortilla chips for dipping.


Each of the Taco Bueno limited-time Brisket Menu Lineup items go for $4.49.

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