Workforce return propels growth of Q2 B&I foodservice shipments

Pacific showed strongest rebound in second quarter with shipments up 61% compared to one year ago

B&I foodservice operators (B&I contract foodservice), including worksite cafeterias, are showing a rebound based on the latest data from The NPD Group amid a return of worksite employees. If the quarter ended June 2022 is any kind of sign, then it’s fortuitous as case unit shipments from broadline foodservice distributors to B&I grew 35% versus one year ago. In addition, dollars shipped to B&I foodservice operators grew by 60%, also in the second quarter.

B&I in the Pacific Census Division, as reported by NPD, is showing some strong results. California, Oregon and Washington posted the most volume and showed a significant increase in case shipments, according to the data set. Case shipments to B&I increased 61% from last year and dollars shipped rose 74% in the quarter ended June.

New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania make up the Middle Atlantic Census Division. In this region, B&I case shipments increased 55% and dollars shipped surged 87% in the second quarter, compared to last year. The results, courtesy of NPD Supply Track, put the Middle Atlantic in second place.


NPD noted that the shipments to B&I foodservice operations reflected a variety of tastes and noteworthy trends. Food and beverages with high growth that shipped include those in the plant-based proteins category. Broadline foodservice case shipments of plant-based proteins to B&I foodservice operators increased by 132% in the quarter ended June compared to a year ago.

Furthermore, the popularity of chicken shows up in B&I case shipments, up 39% in the second quarter compared to last year.

With worksite employees returning, breakfast is also winning, according to NPD data. Total case shipments of breakfast categories, like bacon, bakery, cereal, coffee, and eggs, grew from 30% up YOY to 75% up YOY in the quarter ended June versus a year ago.

“B&I is an important growth segment for foodservice manufacturers and their foodservice distributor partners,” says Tim Fires, president of NPD’s SupplyTrack. “The segment’s growth is impressive and a signal for what to expect in the fall when more office workers return to a regular schedule after summer vacations.”


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