Wendy’s redesigns its stores for the future: Global Next Gen

Newly-built + retrofitted restaurants to feature dedicated mobile-order parking, delivery pick-up window, optimized infrastructure

Wendy’s has created a new design for its stores known internally as Global Next Gen. The sleek Wendy’s prototype is built for the future with what it described as next-generation technology. With a much-improved layout, the Wendy’s Global Next Gen standard will focus on convenience, speed and accuracy.

The Dublin, Ohio-based restaurant chain will debut the new design in New Albany, Ohio next spring.

Layout to speed customer, crew experiences

A dedicated delivery pick-up window will speed things up for delivery drivers. Before this amenity, drivers needed to enter the dining room to retrieve their orders. This move will also pull drivers out of the customer pick-up window. Plus, the dedicated mobile order pick-up feature in the Global Net Gen design provides a mobile-order parking section and pick-up shelving inside the restaurant. Consequently, customers can park in the dedicated spaces, pick up their order-ahead meals and save time.

In Wendy's Next Gen, stores will be built with new pick-up shelving and a galley-style kitchen running from the front to back of restaurants
In Wendy’s Next Gen, stores will be built with new pick-up shelving and a galley-style kitchen running from the front to back of restaurants. Photo by The Wendy’s Company.

In addition, Wendy’s has reimagined the kitchen, creating a galley-style design, from the front to the back of the restaurant. This creates both efficiencies within the kitchen itself and then at the POS. In this manner, crew can shift between positions all day, enhancing order fulfillment.

Next-gen tech, efficient building elements

“To accelerate our business and expand our footprint across the globe, we must consistently meet the needs of our customers however they chose (sic) to engage with Wendy’s, whether that’s through a digital platform or in the drive-thru” said Todd Penegor, Wendy’s president and chief executive. “Global Next Gen enhances the customer experience across ordering channels and streamlines operations for our crew, all while creating better returns for franchisees.”

Furthermore, through the Wendy’s Global Next Gen standard, stores are further enabled for a robust amount of digital business through order-capture and order-fulfillment technology that runs behind the scenes. Further innovation in the future will be able to lean in on these established advancements.

Wendy’s also announced the inclusion of an “Optimized Infrastructure.” The burger QSR chain will be able to use more efficient building elements, including lighting and HVAC, to lower energy usage and costs.


“As the first restaurant brand to offer a modern pick-up window more than 50 years ago, Wendy’s continues its legacy of design and innovation with Global Next Gen,” added Penegor. “Our new global restaurant standard unlocks opportunities at the intersection of innovative design and technology, bringing us one step closer to our vision of becoming the world’s most thriving and beloved restaurant brand.”

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