Melting Pot debuts Oktober FondueFest menu

German-inspired Bavarian Beer Cheese, Oktoberfest Cooking Style unveiled

Casual-dining chain Melting Pot debuted an Oktober FondueFest menu. For a limited time, the fondue chain will feature Samuel Adams Oktoberfest beer in both of its Bavarian Beer Cheese fondue, which is prepared tableside. In addition it will unveil a new Oktoberfest Cooking Style.

The combination of Bavarian Beer Cheese Fondue and premium Bavarian dippers, customer’s choice of salad, and Black Forest Chocolate Fondue as dessert goes for $39 during the fall promotion. Melting Pot will extend the offer from September 19 to October 26.

The new tableside feast of Bavarian Beer Cheese Fondue is prepared with Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer. The fondue includes Kindred Creamery Cheddar, Emmenthaler, Parmesan, housemade Bavarian mustard, garlic, and spices. Diners can enjoy the feast with Bavarian-style dippers grilled right at the table, including hot-off-the grill Bratwurst. The meal also features Braised Short Rib, roasted garlic Dijon potatoes, steamed carrots, and cornichons accompanied by pretzel bread, sauerkraut and Bavarian mustard.

“Melting Pot is known for celebrations around the fondue pot, and Oktoberfest is the perfect fall occasion to have fun in a new way. The Oktober FondueFest limited-time menu features Sam Adams Octoberfest beer from our partner, The Boston Beer Company, as an exclusive and timely ingredient,” said Ana Malmqvist, chief marketing officer for Melting Pot. “Together, with Sam Adams, we are sharing the fondue experience with new and current guests and bringing people together for special celebrations like Oktoberfest. Now guests can celebrate the Bavarian culture at Melting Pot with a truly, unique German-inspired dipping experience with bratwurst, braised short rib, potatoes, and pretzel bread.”


A new cooking style will elevate the four-course experience, Melting Pot announced. This recently-unveiled Oktoberfest Cooking Style starts tableside with Sam Adams Octoberfest beer. Guests will enjoy the onion, garlic, Bavarian mustard, carraway, and bay leaf to give these entrées that authentic, German-inspired flavor.

For dessert, the German-inspired Black Forest Chocolate Fondue features dark chocolate with black cherry compote and kirschwasser cherry brandy. It is served with “decadent treats,” announced the chain, including Black Forest Brownies, sweet-spiced apples, strawberries, pearl sugar waffles, bananas, and cream puffs.


With a wide selection of beverages, Melting Pot carries Oktoberfest-inspired beer, including Sam Adams Octoberfest Beer, Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin which has a slight hint of jalapeño and brings a unique twist to this fall-themed beer. Customers can opt for the sweet German Riesling, too, and Schmitt Söhne Spätlese Piesporter Michelsberg.

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