Sweetgreen rolls out winter menu, BBQ Chicken + Squash Plate

BBQ sauce collab with chef Charlie McKenna also inspires Roasted BBQ Squash side dish

Sweetgreen rolled out BBQ Chicken + Squash Plate and Roasted BBQ Squash side dish January 19. The start of the winter menu rollout brings these new additions, celebrating e a classic honey BBQ sauce, in collaboration with chef Charlie McKenna, a two-time world BBQ champion.

In Chicago, McKenna founded Lillie’s Q restaurant.

McKenna’s new sweet and slightly smokey dressing and dipping sauce is a perfect introduction during the winter, suggested the fast casual. It is also the inspiration behind the BBQ Chicken + Squash Plate and Roasted BBQ Squash side dish.

The new BBQ sauce reflect’s Sweetgreen’s commitment to using clean label ingredients. While McKenna’s creation contains date syrup and honey, it excludes refined sugars, corn starch/thickeners and artificial preservatives.

Seasonal fan favorites also make a return. Sweetgreen stores are adding back the Miso Bowl, as well as the Crispy Chicken Salad and Winter Power Bowl—both online exclusives—to the menu.

The Los Angeles-based restaurant chain will make the winter menu available through March 29.


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