Papa Johns unveils new international store design in China

New design, layout will appear in at least seven stores across Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya

Papa Johns introduced a new store design for international restaurants in China’s Hubei province. New locations fashioned with the revamped look are under construction or renovation. In fact, a total of seven stores will open across Jordan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Kenya.

Some stores draw in dine-in customers, while others are focused on carryout and delivery. Papa Johns’ new design accommodates both types or a combination of the two. The Atlanta-based pizza chain indicated it will equip franchisees with finishes and materials that match their needs.

The design team created a layout that provided visual cues to reinforce the company’s messaging around “crafted, quality products.” The international design revamp follows the modern design that was launched in North America. At the time, the franchise refreshed its logo and dropped the apostrophe from the brand name.

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The colors that were used include Tangy Tomato red, Fresh Basil green, Fluffy Dough off-white, and Punchy Garlic light purple. These exemplify and elevate the ingredients used by Papa Johns. In addition, artwork on the walls calls attention to the chain’s new “hand drawn happiness” illustration style. The artwork puts the vibrancy of the brand front and center, suggested Papa Johns’ announcement.


Plus, customers will experience a seamless and modern ordering experience through digital screens and ordering kiosks.

Papa Johns introduced a new store design for international restaurants in China’s Hubei province

As Papa Johns modernizes its business and evolves the customer experience, chain associates hold to a mission of being “Hungry for Better,” it said. Moreover, the pizza chain plans to implement a phased rollout of the Papa Johns international store design.

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