Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Cuervo Tradicional top margarita brands in US

Leading suppliers include Remy Cointreau, Sazerac Company, Diageo, Cuervo Tradicional

A new report from Overproof, analyzing data on the ever-popular and quite lucrative margarita, provides new insights. The findings from the data provider to top-tier alcohol brands reveal that the margarita is the top cocktail in the US market, garnering a 12.4% market share. The martini is the second-top cocktail with a 10.2% market share. Meanwhile, the next top cocktail—Old Fashioned—recorded a distant third position with a 5% market share.

Margaritas come in all varieties, shapes and sizes. The leading suppliers of these various recipes in the classic category include Remy Cointreau (24.8%), Sazerac Company (17.5%) and Diageo USA (12.8%). Cuervo Tradicional (17.8%), Grand Marnier (14.4%), Patron (11.2%), and Cointreau (11.0%) make up the top brands in the classic margarita category.

Overall, the top margarita brands hold more than a 35% market share: Cointreau (11.5%), Grand Marnier (11.0%), Cuervo Tradicional (7.4%), and Patron (6.5%) combine to represent a 36.4% share. In Texas, the leading tequila is Casa Noble. Further North, Don Julio reigns supreme in Illinois and Pennsylvania. In Louisiana and Mississippi, Cuervo 1800 is the top brand, according to the data.


Overproof identified three top tequilas that are best paired with Contreau. These are Patron Silver (15.4%), Cazadores Reposado (11.9%), Don Julio Blanco (10.0%), and Herradura Reposado (9.4%). Those most paired with Grand Marnier include Patron Silver (18.3%), 1800 Reposado (12.7%), El Mayor Reposado (11.5%), and Maestro Dobel Dia (7.5%).


In the New York market, Proximo Spirits (17.3%), Bacardi (15.5%), Diageo USA (13.8%), and Brown Forman 9.8%) have become the top suppliers. Meanwhile, in Florida, the market is comparable. Proximo Spirits (17.2%), Bacardi (17.0%), Diageo USA (9.8%), and Campari (7.5%) are the leading suppliers there. The top tequila brands in the state of New York are Cuervo Tradicional, Patron, Tanteo, and Don Julio. And in Florida, the leading tequila brands are Patron (11.1%), Cuervo Tradicional (6.7%), Espolon (6.7%), and Cazadores (5.8%).

Overproof analyzed 4.5M US menus to assess which suppliers and brands are mentioned most frequently in occurrences of margaritas.The Overproof analysis, using AI, can be found here.

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