Checkers and Rally’s spotlights mushrooms, launches, $5 Meal Deal

Burger QSR franchise highlights mushrooms in Checkerburger, Rallyburger, Fried Mushroom Buford

Checkers and Rally’s expanded its line of mushroom-infused burgers with the debut of Fried Mushroom Buford. The QSR chain also added a new $5 Meal Deal, comprising its Checkerburger/Rallyburger and Mushroom Swissburger.

The value meal includes either a fully-loaded Checkerburger/Rallyburger or a Mushroom Swissburger. The deal also comprises eight white meat Chicken Bites, a small order of Seasoned Fries, and a 16-ounce beverage.

The Mushroom Swissburger includes Checkers & Rally’s seasoned, 100-percent beef patty, melty swiss and savory mushroom sauce on a sesame seed bun.

The Tampa, Fla.-based burger chain also began featuring the new Checkers & Rally‘s Fried Mushroom Buford. The burger starts with its largest 100-percent seasoned beef hamburger patties. Restaurants then top the patties with Swiss cheese, crispy, battered, fried baby portobello mushrooms, and savory mushroom sauce.The combination comes finished with caramelized onions, in a toasted bun. Guests can also try a side of fried mushrooms.


“If you love a good bang for your buck with mushrooms on top, Checkers & Rally’s $5 Meal Deal has you covered,” said Ryan Joy, senior director of menu development at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants. “Our Fried Mushroom Buford is made with Baby Bella mushrooms, which is a juvenile version of the Portobello mushroom. Experience our latest burgers packed with the biggest punch (with or without a healthy dose of mushroom deliciousness) for just a few bucks; now is the time to satisfy your craving as these deals won’t last long.”

The Checkers and Rally’s $5 Meal Deal and Fried Mushroom Buford are on the menu for a limited time.


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