LG Business partners with RobotLAB for US robot deployment

Integrator RobotLAB to assist in expanded deployment of LG CLOi ServeBot, LG CLOi GuideBot in hospitality, transportation, medial environments

LG Business Solutions USA has partnered with robot integrator RobotLAB for multiple LG commercial applications. LG will expand its robots in commercial venues, primarily focused on front-of-house guest serving and guest guiding.

In foodservice applications, the LG CLOi ServeBot offers in the front of house service assistance and table bussing capabilities. Similarly, LG CLOi GuideBot provides guest guidance in numerous venues. These include large hotels, casinos, airports, hospitals, and museums.

Elad Inbar, RobotLAB founder and chief executive, said “This collaboration is an honor we do not take lightly, and we couldn’t be more eager to deploy our years of robotics experience and integration expertise to help LG bring its advanced robots to more restaurants, hotels, hospitals and airports across the country.”

For 13 years, RobotLAB has deployed more than 7,500 robots. For LG, this was taken into consideration as it searched for key US robot collaborators. RobotLAB will leverage its expertise while providing a dedicated team to work solely on LG projects and products.

“We hope to accelerate the growth of our robot business by working with professional robotics companies like RobotLAB that have a firm grasp on the integration of robots in commercial environments,” said Tom Carroll, director of business development, LG Business Solutions USA.


LG robot deployment will be aided by RobotLAB’s capabilities in sales, marketing, integration, and service. In a statement, RobotLab indicated it has helped organizations improve bottom-line performance as labor costs increase. Employee retention is improved as routine tasks are picked up by robots as automated processes.

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