Technomic tracks evolving foodservice beverage consumption

Insights on evolving consumption attitudes from consultancy’s Away-from-Home Beverage Navigator program revealed

Technomic’s new report, derived from its Away-From-Home Beverage Navigator insights program, reveals changing consumption attitudes around foodservice beverages. According to the Chicago-based consultancy, the report covers intelligence and advisory support from more than 10 segments and 20 beverage categories.

According to Technomic, overall sales growth of cold beverages outpaced hot beverage growth in 2022. And cold beverage sales grew at a rate of nearly 15% and volume rose 6.9%.

Interestingly, hot beverage sales were $70 billion and just short of 2019 levels.


Almost 75% of operators report that there is increasing interest from customers for better-for-you beverage offerings.

A total of 44% of consumers say they always add a beverage when dining in versus only 28% who say the same for carryout and drive-thru.


“The beverage category as a whole is on the rebound with consumer spending increasing by 13.9% in 2022, outpacing overall industry growth,” said David Henkes, senior principal and head of strategic partnerships. “While beverages are a key opportunity for driving profitability, operators need awareness into how the market is evolving, as well as the scope and magnitude of these changes.”

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