Eatery Pulse Club (Washington, DC Region)

Restaurant owners need someone they can turn to in challenging times. Through our consulting services and marketing outreach in the Washington Metropolitan region, Eatery Pulse Media now provides local restaurant owners a simplified way to take advantage of advisory and promotional opportunities.

Through the Eatery Pulse Club:

  • Access enhanced marketing promotion of your restaurants, including mentions and blasts once monthly
  • Gain a new consulting partner. Take advantage of 4 hours of advisory or consulting through our arel7 consultancy. Reach out whenever you need us for advice, strategy and problem-solving.
  • Take advantage of discounts on our consulting solutions, including recipe costing and rebates on marketing services, including loyalty program and takeout support
  • Publish monthly broadcasts of your menu on social media (premium plan)

Contact us if you have questions or click here to get started: