District Restaurant News | Spring 2020

Fresh. Focused. Locally-inspired.

District Restaurant News is the perfect trade magazine for the fast-paced and competitive Washington, D.C. restaurant scene. The Metropolitan Washington region is becoming the place to experience cuisine at its best. It’s a hotbed of design, concept and culinary innovation. But Metro-D.C. isn’t just for foodies—it’s also a great place for restaurant and culinary innovators to realize their dreams and build businesses.

This issue compiles last-minute changes and up-to-date information on COVID-19 topics relevant to foodservice. We hope the information here is helpful to your business.

In this issue, we cover best practices for delivery and takeout, insurance, leasing, advocacy at work, and the state of restaurant sales. Under Eatery Pulse’s new Restaurant Resurgence program, we’re activating our resources to help restaurants.

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Photo credit: Eatery Pulse Media

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