Eatery Pulse Collaboration Community

The Eatery Pulse Collaboration Community is open to content contributors who have been published in trade and business publications or appeared in major company blogs, and also available to restaurant industry management. Our community has expanded and is also accepting user-generated content from both industry-affiliated experts and restaurant executives and managers.

Eatery Pulse Media provides original-source, restaurant-industry news and analysis and also curates national news briefs. First, see if you qualify by reading the FAQs below. Next, decide what type of content you would like to contribute. Then, sign up for our news at and select “Collaboration Community.” Lastly, send us your credentials with your particular area of expertise.

Eatery Pulse Collaboration Community FAQs

How do I contribute content to Eatery Pulse?

Subscribers who qualify can contribute content to Eatery Pulse by sending exclusive, user-generated Insights pieces to, or by emailing us there and sharing a specific future interest (resource, podcast, video).

How do I qualify to be an Eatery Pulse content contributor?

First, you must be a subscriber so we can validate your information. Next, present credentials that confirm you are an expert or in restaurant management. Restaurant industry experts can send us a link to an article in a business or industry trade publication. Restaurant managers and executives can send us a link to their LinkedIn profile.

What types of opportunities are there in the Eatery Pulse Content Community?

Here are the opportunities: Insights research, Insights data, interview (podcast), and interview (article). Insights research is research from an expert (Please send a link to an abstract or research report. No press releases.) An Insights article is one that explains “how to.” This can be related to an industry trend, industry process or restaurant best practice.

Furthermore, if you are interested in being interviewed for an article or podcast (or quoted in/used for a future article), please send that request when you send your credentials. When we send your confirmation of membership to the Collaboration Community, you may send us your Insights piece.

Does Eatery Pulse have a sponsored content program?

Yes, clients of our Eatery Pulse 7 and Creative Custom Media programs can have relevant, restaurant industry content from those programs included in our online and digital publications. Also, we are rolling out a press release distribution program by August.

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