Eatery Pulse expands visual restaurant news platform, Eatery Pulse Streem

Eatery Pulse expands visual restaurant news platform

Premiere of streeming restaurant news video magazine arrives this winter

Washington, D.C. (November 27, 2019) Eatery Pulse Media, a primary source of restaurants news and a custom media and business consultancy, expands its multi-media information services with an exponential expansion of its visual restaurant news platform. The Washington, D.C.-based publisher is expanding its video-based news service. Eatery Pulse Streem adds 30 more “streems” over the winter and spring seasons. It’s news delivered quickly to the nation’s top restaurant industry owners/operators and executives. Eatery Pulse Streem powers news briefs on social media and original ultra-HD videos.

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Eatery Pulse News Media debuts new Washington, D.C. food and drink magazine, grows web-based broadcasting

April 9, 2018 (Washington, D.C.) —Eatery Pulse News Media, a fast-growing information services and content marketing firm, announced that its newest publication, Swizzle Chill, will debut in April with a preview issue. Covering food & drink topics, luxury real estate and other important lifestyle topics in the Washington, D.C. market, Swizzle Chill is one of the most anticipated publications from foodservice veteran

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