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Eatery Pulse Media offers creative, effective, custom media solutions. Organizations actively use content to engage audiences, create repeat visits to websites, and build lead generation programs. Companies now have access to a highly-accessible publisher for their content solutions. Our Creative Content Studio and Eatery Pulse 7 programs help business easily launch and maintain content programs, including ultra, high-definition video.

Eatery Pulse 7

Do you need content for a blog, or a full turn-key service to draw in your audience and communicate your products, services and value proposition? You’ve come to the right place for fresh, compelling content. We make it easy to start campaigns to effectively engage and educate your audience. No matter the industry, Eatery Pulse has the capability to create a program that amplifies your expertise.

Eatery Pulse’s flagship national magazine represents what can happen when content comes together to inform and engage (See sample here). Relay on our custom media solutions to position your brand ahead of the competition. This includes online content, content for print and digital magazines, turnkey magazine and directory solutions, communication collateral, videos, and much more.

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Creative Content Studio

Great presentation of content starts with great design and engaging content. Our custom content solutions relieve many of the pain points for your marketing team. Digital magazines create one-time and recurring content that can easily be displayed via mobile platforms.

Design isn’t the only differentiation. Content should be easy to read and follow, and be based on know-how. Our Creative Content Studio helps foodservice organizations amplify their own thought leadership by tapping a solid base of industry knowledge and trends.

Get turn-key support for these types of projects. Ready-to-publish files, photography, and videos can be assembled with ease. Outsourcing content creation can help inform your audience and draw in new business quickly.

Video is king

Furthermore, Eatery Pulse can add video content to many online and digital platforms easily. We can also elevate the quality, consistency and customer service of these projects. We can deploy our ultra, high-definition video programs as part of a content solution or as a standalone offering.

Today, video is one of the most engaging forms of media for sharing content powerfully. Also, the impact of video is hard to ignore: 64 percent of those who watch a video are more likely to buy a product and 41 percent of those who use video enjoy more web traffic than non-users.

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