EPN Cafe: restaurant learning, improvement, business-building tools

EPN Cafe has launched. A learning and improvement side to our business, EPN Cafe—which includes EPN College, EPN Engage, Swizzle Chill and arel7 consulting—provides a solid learning foundation for new restaurateurs and reinforces best practices for existing restaurants. As Washington, D.C.’s foodservice trade publisher, it’s imperative that we support the local restaurant industry.

Launching in the D.C. market, EPN Engage, EPN Frequency and EPN College have components that also benefit restaurants nationwide:

  • EPN Engage provides a set of consulting and marketing tools for independent restaurants. The program helps film and distribute a series of improvement videos for existing restaurant owners, launching in January.
  • EPN Frequency delivers a discussion of what top restaurants and chefs are doing to stand out from the crowd The podcast-format series is designed for both the local market and the national scene. EPN Frequency is also part of Eatery Pulse Streem, a news broadcast series.
  • EPN College provides a virtual restaurant simulation for the restaurateurs of tomorrow. Tutoring for new restaurateurs will launch in 2020.

EPN Cafe harnesses services and best practices from our consultancy, arel7 consulting, and its consulting network, and engagement tools from Swizzle Chill TV – DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show.

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