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Eatery Pulse Media operates the Eatery Pulse Network, which comprises a portfolio of magazines and web-broadcast shows with journalistic and highly-meaningful foodservice and food industry content. Specializing in restaurant news, Eatery Pulse Network distributes Restaurant C-Suite (a national restaurant news magazine), Eatery Pulse News (online) and Swizzle Chill publications, and also operates EPN Cafe and Eatery Pulse Streem.

Restaurant C-Suite Magazine is distributed in digital format by the Eatery Pulse Network.
Restaurant C-Suite Magazine is part of the Eatery Pulse Network collection of foodservice magazines.

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Eatery Pulse Network FAQs

What publications does Eatery Pulse Network carry?

The Eatery Pulse Network carries a collection of foodservice content that includes Restaurant C-Suite in digital format, Eatery Pulse News National in online format. The network also distributes Eatery Pulse News DC and District Restaurants and Living Magazine, operated by The Swizzle Chill Channel.

How do I subscribe to Eatery Pulse Network publications?

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