Eatery Pulse Publications

Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of information within the foodservice and food industries, providing news and information services, consulting and content marketing. Our content is distributed in print, online, digital and web-broadcast format. Eatery Pulse Media publishes magazines for the food industry and its greatest fans. Locally, we publish Swizzle Chill and Eatery Pulse News. Nationally, we publish Restaurant C-Suite Magazine debuting  October 2018 with a preview issue. Our web-broadcast platform includes Swizzle Chill TV and Eatery Pulse Streem. Subscribe Restaurant C-Suite Magazine (National) Restaurant C-Suite Magazine Eatery Pulse News (Washington, D.C.) Eatery Pulse News Magazine Cover: Eatery Pulse Swizzle Chill Blog (Washington, D.C.) Swizzle Chill Magazine Cover: Eatery Pulse