Restaurant C-Suite Magazine

Restaurant C-Suite Magazine is distributed by Eatery Pulse Media. Eatery Pulse is a primary source of restaurant industry news and content, providing information services, consulting and a creative, custom-content studio for business. This digital magazine was specifically created for multi-unit restaurant executives. It delivers the most highly-meaningful news for the restaurant industry’s top leaders of today, and the visionaries of tomorrow.

Today’s C-suite executives and their managers need information that is carefully selected, meaningful and delivered in a seamless, cohesive fashion. Restaurant C-Suite leverages the multimedia capabilities and ultra-premium, ultra HD video web-broadcast expertise of Eatery Pulse Media. News is delivered in digital format, easily accessible via a smart device, computer or tablet.

Restaurant C-Suite Magazine is part of the Eatery Pulse Network

As part of the Eatery Pulse Network, Restaurant C-Suite’s original content is also bolstered by curated news briefs from around the industry and access to a library of hundreds of industry articles and dozens of expert contributors. Restaurant C-Suite’s digital distribution keeps industry leaders informed about today’s news and prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

In 2019, digital publication issues are released in the following seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall and holiday. We invite you to experience our robust information services and our informed, data-driven publications. Subscribe here.