Swizzle Chill

D.C.’s food, drink and lifestyle show

Swizzle Chill highlights some of the best of drinking, dining, living and “chilling” in the nation’s capital, periodically bringing exciting facets of Washington, D.C. life and its surrounding suburbs to readers and viewers. As part of the Eatery Pulse Network and EPN Cafe, Swizzle Chill brings video-based updates, interviews and exploration of the nation’s capital online, in digital format and on social media.

Swizzle Chill TV is Washington D.C’s food, drink & lifestyle video programming. In 2019-2020, foodies and food stakeholders are enjoying Swizzle Chill Season 2 and Season 3. By using ultra-premium, ultra HD production from studio team, and an inside-restaurant industry perspective, Swizzle Chill covers topics that are important to foodies and food & drink professionals across Metro-D.C. Swizzle Chill can be accessed at show.swizzlechill.com.

EPN Cafe comprises Swizzle Chill, the Swizzle Chill Blog, District Restaurant News, EPN Engage, EPN College and arel7 consulting.

What is D.C.’s food, drink and lifestyle video show?

Swizzle Chill – DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show launched February 2018. The show and news blog cover topics that are important to foodies, restaurants and food & drink stakeholders in Greater Washington, D.C. Swizzle Chill TV episodes can be viewed online and on Facebook. Fans can also follow on the Swizzle Chill Blog at swizzlechill.net.

How can restaurants participate in Swizzle Chill TV?

Swizzle Chill TV celebrates food, drink and lifestyle in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Restaurants can review the media kit and follow the instructions to sign up there.

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