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In order to focus on the content of this site and improve our information services for users and subscribers, Eatery Pulse Media uses a third party to host it website. This third party, Auttomatic and, have a privacy policy and cookies policy that are very detailed and explain how our data is used via cookies and how data is processed. Please refer to the appropriate policies by clicking on the links below:

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Email Privacy Policy

Our email subscribers have an additional privacy policy that governs interactions via email. Exclusively for email subscribers, this is our email privacy policy:

A person may subscribe to our lists, modify their information and unsubscribe at any time from the links provided in their sign-up email confirmations or from the links routinely provided within our emails. We use a third party provider, MailChimp, to process and manage the data of our subscribers. They have a more detailed privacy policy and data awareness guide here: MailChimp privacy policy (Please review the section marked “Privacy for Contacts.”)

We collect and process information that is necessary for us to document statisitcs from our subscribers and to send them informational and marketing emails. We collect the information necessary to understand who is subscribing, their business category and business company (if applicable) and any information necessary to stay in touch with them. We may share the information with our own brands, but we do not send the information to any other companies outside our third-party partner that manages our email list (MailChimp).

Subscribers can control and indicate their consent through our email sign-up forms. Our information services cover news topics about the foodservice and food industries inside the U.S. Email subscriptions are voluntary. Residents living outside the United States may opt in based on consent.

Our email subscribers can send an email to to remove or update any information on their sign-up forms, or to unsubscribe. Please send us your email address and full name to search your email profile in our records. If we cannot find your email address, then we will not be able to assist you. Please refer to the sender of any email in question to verify it is ours.