Top 2021 food trends - Turmeric has been perhaps the hottest ingredient to boost immunity in foods and beverages,” according to the US Beverage Market Outlook 2020

Top 2021 food trends restaurant operators should embrace

Immunity foods, vegan WOW, vegan bakery, elevated pizza pies among trends

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is an understatement. Restaurant operators have found themselves in a precarious position as they face increasing amounts of government regulation and take cautious approaches to help forestall transmission of the coronavirus in their communities.
Along the continuum of food trends, consumers will still want to find new flavors and new experiences in the coming year, whether at home or dining out. According to global consultancy Alix Partners, some of the areas receiving the most consumer attention these days are health, hygiene, home, and habits.

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PF Chang's adds Refreshers mocktails, Dim Sum brunch items

P.F. Chang’s Refreshers, spring Dim Sum items added

Refreshers enhance the beverage menu, leveraging mocktail trend

P.F. Chang’s added a new line of mocktails to the menu, in addition to Dim Sum items. P.F. Chang’s Refreshers enhance the beverage menu by making mocktails (non-alcoholic version of cocktails) available to its guests. Of course, customers also have the option to spike Refreshers to make them an adult beverage. “Our new Refreshers appeal to guests who want to step outside of traditional soft drinks and have the cocktail experience without the alcohol,” said Tana Davila, P.F. Chang’s senior vice president of Marketing.

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Other Side of the Pillow mocktail - Eatery Pulse News, photo credit Kimpton

Three beverage trends to watch in 2018

As the new year has gotten into full swing, we’ve already seen some new trends permeating through the food industry. While much attention is being given to restaurant trends and exotic new foods, we thought it was time to showcase the best new beverage trends Below, find three of the most exciting new healthy beverage trends for 2018.

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