Restaurant C-Suite | Summer 2019

In this Restaurant C-Suite Summer issue, we cover some of the seasonal trends in cocktails, and healthy beverage trends, which hold much opportunity for incremental business. As the restaurant industry advances, so do issues of a living wage and female empowerment in leadership ranks; we have our eye on these issues. Read about restaurant industry female leadership on page 14. and about the growth of &pizza’s newly-promoted COO on page 13.

Additionally, we’re sharing some of our news coverage of the 2019 ProStart Invitational, which came to our hometown of Washington, D.C. this spring. There always seems to be a new slant to the hot topic of restaurant delivery. Currently, we’re looking at commissary kitchens and third-party restaurant delivery integration. See articles on Kitchen United, Chowly and Invoiced on pages 24 and 32. Catch all our news by signing up at

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