US Foods will open a new Chef’Store in Spartanburg, S.C..

US Foods plans Spartanburg, S.C. Chef’Store opening

US Foods will open a new Chef’Store in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The new outlet for US Foods cash-and-carry chain becomes the fourth store in the state. Three existing South Carolina stores are located in Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Columbia.

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US Foods announces Q3 2019 earnings growth

US Foods Q3 earnings point to robust top-line growth

Food Group acquisition boosts independent restaurant results

US Foods Q3 2019 earnings were announced, showing robust top-line growth. Net sales were up 6.1 percent from last year to $6.5B. Organic sales resulted in a 4.0 percent increase to $6.4B. In Q3, the company reported gross profit of $1.2B. That’s up 4.3 percent from last year’s same quarter. Much of the story in the quarter focused on independent restaurant case growth, which surged 6.3 percent. Total case volume increased 3.0 percent. Also, organic case volume increased 0.9 percent, while independent restaurant organic case volume increased 4.2 percent.

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